Rotary Table Enclosure (Class I)

  • Continual Batch Marking
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Plug and Play Design
  • Programmable Z-Axis
  • Fume Extraction Port and Auto-On Connection
  • Side Pass-Through Doors for file setup and alignment
  • Fixturing Hole Pattern on Rotary Plate
  • Safety Controls: Light Curtain and Two-Handed Anti-Tie Down

Studio product photo of Rotary Table Enclosure (Class I) for laser markers

Rotary Table Enclosure Details


Our new Rotary Table Enclosure (Class I) allows you to mark metals, plastics, ceramics, and more in a safe, efficient manner. Place materials to be marked in a fixture on the rotary table.  While they are marked, the operator can unload and load the next batch of parts, increasing overall throughput and process speed. The Rotary Table Enclosure is class 1 rated, and is available with an optional fume extractor for materials that leave heavy particulates or noxious gases during marking. The rotary table rotation and marking is triggered using the two-handed tie downs and has safety light curtains to prevent interference while the table is rotating. An indicator lamp signals the laser is ready for marking, currently marking, or an error has occurred.

If your goal is to increase throughput while ensuring safety in high traffic areas, the Rotary Table Enclosure is your solution.

Configuration Options

  • Accommodates 163mm and 254mm F-Theta Lenses Only
  • Mobile Cart
  • Desktop Workstation
  • Vision System Adaptation


Rotary Table Enclosure mm inch
External Height - Door Closed 1174.8 46.25
External Height - Door Open 1174.8 46.25
External Width - Door Closed 703.6 27.70
External Width - Door Open 703.6 27.70
External Depth 990.6 39.00
Opening Door Max Height 152.4 6.00
Opening Door Max Width 508.0 20.00
Weight 90.7 kg 200 lbs
Maximum Work Piece Area Variable: Maximum work piece area is dependent on the size of the part (L x W) and the location of the mark (X & Y axis positioning).
Maximum Work Piece Height Variable: Maximum work piece height is dependent on F-Theta lens configuration and fixturing.
Laser Class Class 1 per DIN EN 60825-1
Humidity Range 80% non-condensing
Operational Temperature Range -10°C to 35°C

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