RMI Laser

Sliding Door Enclosure (Class I)

  • Economical
  • Space Saving Desktop Design
  • Batch Part Processing
  • Lightweight, Sliding Door with Viewing Window
  • Built-in Focusing Diode for Easy Focusing

Sliding Door Enclosure Details


The Sliding Door Enclosure (Class I) is designed for one in and one out part marking operations or small batches. The door slides to the right out of the user’s way to provide access to the marking area. There is a built in focusing diode to find the focus quickly and easily. The Sliding Door Enclosure accommodates the 100 mm (2.5” square marking area) and 163 mm (4.25” square marking area) lenses, is inexpensive and very user friendly.

Configuration Options

  • Pass-Through Doors for longer parts
  • Mobile Cart
  • Plug and Play Rotary Chuck Adaptation


Sliding Door Enclosure mm inch
External Height - Door Closed 406.4 16.00
External Height - Door Open 406.4 16.00
External Width - Door Closed 330.2 23.00
External Width - Door Open 1168.4 46.00
External Depth 406.4 16.00
Opening Door Max Height 355.6 14.00
Opening Door Max Width 508.0 20.00
Weight 20.4 kg 45 lbs
Maximum Work Piece Area Variable: Maximum work piece area is dependent on the size of the part (L x W) and the location of the mark (X & Y axis positioning).
Maximum Work Piece Height Variable: Maximum work piece height is dependent on F-Theta lens configuration and fixturing.
Laser Class Class 1 per DIN EN 60825-1
Humidity Range 80% non-condensing
Operational Temperature Range -10°C to 35°C

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