Laser Safety Enclosures

Laser workstations can be classified into two categories: Class I (enclosed) and Class IV (open). We have a wide range of enclosures from small and portable to extra-large or rotating enclosures to meet your needs.

Up close image of a peice of metal being laser marked

RMI Laser Safety Enclosures Information

Laser classifications are designated based upon the wavelength, power, and risk of injury associated with each laser.

All lasers sold by RMI Laser are considered Class IV lasers and proper safety equipment or proper safety training are recommended to operate a system. Exposure of the eyes and skin to direct or scattered radiation must be avoided.

A Class I laser workstation is considered safe for the eyes because they are light tight and have safety interlocks that prevent the laser from firing if they are opened during the marking process. A Class I workstation is ideal for a high traffic environment.

Part sizes are limited with a Class I system because of the smaller dimensions of the enclosure. A pass-through option can be added to an enclosure, but this would change the classification of the laser from a Class I to a Class IV system.

A Class IV laser workstation is an open environment where specialized safety eyewear certified for the laser wavelength is required for operation. Users must avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation. Additional safety restrictions are required to avoid a fire hazard. A Class IV system allows for many different configurations and part sizes and is ideal for a closed off environment, a room or curtained off section where the laser is by itself.

For questions regarding laser workstations or laser safety please contact RMI Laser for additional information.