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Laser Marking


Quality laser etching for every application

RMI Laser offers automated, high-speed industrial laser marking systems that we back up with fully customizable software and complete technical support. Our solutions are ideal for adding traceable product identification numbers as well as adding logos or other graphics. Thanks to our wide array of products and custom engineering capabilities, we offer the best overall solution for just about any laser marking requirement you have. 

Our lasers are essential for providing identification, personalization and tracing for products and parts in numerous industries including Aerospace, Electronics, Firearms, Knives, Manufacturing, Medical, Semiconductors and Sporting Goods. Our in-house laser technologies include Fiber, YVO4, Green and YAG. All our products are manufactured and serviced in the USA.

Premium Fiber Laser Marker

High-quality marking laser for any budget

  • Models EF-20, EF-30
  • Ideal for all metals and most plastics
  • In-house, user-friendly software
  • Small spot size and large lens are ideal for small components
  • Basic fiber module with 1-year warranty


Ultra-compact, Portable Laser Marker

Less is more with this flexible and easy-to-use solution

Portfolio picture of a Ultra-compact Laser Marker
  • Model: UM-2
  • Nd:YAG laser / DPSS (diode pumped solid state) technology
  • Perfect for starter, entry-level laser marking
  • Ideal for consumer personalization on metals and plastics
  • Comes with a 2-year, complete system warranty

Heavy-Duty Fiber Laser Marker

Our most powerful marking laser is your new workhorse

  • Models: UF-20, UF-30, UF-50
  • Ideal for all metals & most plastics
  • In-house, user-friendly software
  • Small spot size and large lens are ideal for small components
  • Premium fiber module with 3-year warranty


Green (532nm) Laser Marker

Make your mark on sensitive and special materials

  • Model: U-5G
  • Frequency doubled Nd:YVO4 laser / DPSS technology
  • Excellent for specialty plastics and semiconductors (silicon, epoxy resin ceramics)
  • Low thermal transfer for sensitive substrate
  • Capable of micro-marking (< 0.04” or 1 mm text or coding)

YVO4 “Vanadate” Laser Marker

From plastic marking to annealing in a single machine

  • Models: U-10, A-10
  • Nd:YVO4 laser / DPSS technology
  • Ideal for marking on plastic materials or annealing on stainless steel
  • Short pulse width minimizes heat-affected zone, maximizes contrast on marked material
  • Engineered for maximum uptime, virtually maintenance free

What is laser marking?
Direct material laser marking (laser engraving, etching, annealing, etc.) is a fast and effective way to permanently mark parts, products and a wide range of materials from aluminum and steel to plastics, ceramic and rubber. A laser beam interacts with the material to create lines, numbers, a logo, or any desired image for easy tracking, precision control, and quality tracing. From jewelry, surgical parts, custom tools and industrial parts, to dog tags, awards and firearms, our laser marking systems are used in a number of industries to creatively customize or track specific IDs and product names. We sell customized, affordable laser systems to businesses who want the best in speed, reliability and quality.
Why we're different

With more than 20 years of experience in DPSS laser marking systems, including popular fiber laser marking systems in 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths, RMI Laser understands the needs for high-performance and maximum value laser systems. 

Our laser marking solutions are installed worldwide for multiple marking and engraving need in various locations. Our laser safety enclosures (laser marking workstations) are designed to uphold optimal standards in operational protection. Our best-in-class laser parts are backed by an exceptional non-prorated warranty good for up to 3 years.