Key Benefits:

· 9 different lasers in-house that mark plastics to match your application

· Mark flat and curved surfaces

· Raster marking for precise control of contrast and foaming

· Application specific fixtures and automation solutions

· Systems designed for operator safety

A Brief History of Plastics

Laser marking systems for plastic are an extremely flexible technology that can be used for different plastic types, such as ABS, polyamide, or polycarbonate. Before plastics, the traditional materials used were metal or wood. Plastics quickly gained popularity for being cheaper, lighter, more versatile, and easier to manufacture. Nowadays, plastics are found in practically every industry, from food and healthcare to automobiles and infrastructure. In many of these applications, laser marking on plastic parts has become a powerful tool.

The term ‘plastic’ can be used to refer to a number of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials, commonly organic compounds. They are usually made of organic polymers. Polymers are composed of long molecular chains of repeating units, called ‘monomers’, which in this case are composed primarily of carbon atoms. Connected to the main backbone of the polymer are various ‘pendant’ groups, which may be composed of other elements (such as sulfur or oxygen) or other carbon-based molecules. The nature of the molecular bonds and pendant groups, as well as the length of the polymer chain, play a significant role in determining the properties of the resulting plastic.

Plastics have become the material of choice versus more traditional materials (such as wood or metal) due to some fundamental properties. Manufacturing and working with plastics is much cheaper and easier. Plastics are lightweight but can exhibit comparable strength and durability. They are impervious to the effects of moisture and organic decay.

With the wide variety of plastic products, the range of applications available for laser etching plastic items is virtually endless. Plastic laser marking has been used to label housings of electronics, tools and tool parts, various forms of packaging, automotive parts, electronic components, printed circuit boards, identification and product tags, buttons, keyboards and sensors.

Benefits of Laser Marking

Laser marking on plastics offers a variety of benefits. The process is an extremely precise and accurate method of creating intricate designs on a wide range of plastic surfaces. It also allows for the creation of very detailed images, logos, and text with a high degree of accuracy. Additionally, laser marking is permanent and will not fade or wear away over time like other methods such as painting or printing. The process also does not require any additional materials such as consumables or equipment which makes it cost-effective and efficient for companies that need to produce large quantities of custom parts quickly. Finally, laser engraving can be used on a wide range of plastics including acrylics, polycarbonates, ABS plastics, PVCs, and more which makes it ideal for creating customized products in many different industries.

RMI provides laser marking solutions for many different aspects across the plastics production line – including part identification, electrical equipment coding, serialization as well as tool tracking. Because RMI’s laser marking product line is designed to be powerful, flexible and easy to use, clients have a wide selection of industry-leading laser marking systems and solution available to address any precision part identification and traceability requirement. With our modular a-la-carte approach, each laser marking setup can be adapted to the customer’s workspace or manufacturing line. The flexibility of RMI’s laser marking systems truly help to fulfill the needs of the plastic industry’s premier companies. When you work with RMI Laser, you have access to our unrivalled in-house engineering expertise and services. We will engage with you from the beginning of the project there all the way to the final installation, training and integration of your selected system, as well as provide you with ongoing technical consultation and support. 

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