Case Study: Benchmade Knives Inc.

Stainless Steel engraving and marking: Benchmade Knives, Inc. is a consumer knife manufacturer that has taken RMI’s compact laser to another level. With the UM-2, Benchmade Knives, Inc. will laser mark customers’ knives that are purchased from them on-site, adding an instant personalized touch to their product which no other company in the industry can offer. This sets them apart from the competition and is even a selling point to the customer. This forward-thinking and partnership with RMI Laser created a system that is less than 50lbs and can be shipped in a travel case or checked on a plane without paying overweight fees. 

Benchmade’s Product Service Supervisor, Austin Coley said, “This laser has allowed us to bring our factory to the customer.” It allows the customer to see the laser marking and personalization process firsthand. “Most people are amazed when they first see the laser and are always impressed with how quick and easy it is.” It has been very successful for them, and they have many systems being used by their company sales representatives. Many other companies have followed suit on other types of products from industries like firearms, promotional giveaways, and even watches. 

Photo courtesy of Benchmade Knives