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The Ins and Outs of Deep Engraving on Metal with Lasers

The Ins and Outs of Deep Engraving on Metal with Lasers

Deep engraving is one of your many options with laser marking systems. Most users don’t need deep engraving because they just want a light mark or color on the surface of their product or part. Some materials like plastics can melt with deep engraving while medical or aerospace parts can actually be weakened if they’re engraved too deeply. But deep engraving is ideal and very much in demand for products like tools, jewelry, or large industrial components.

Toolmakers often like a deep mark to connote strength and durability. Jewelers like to engrave names and wedding dates on their handiwork to add sentimental value. And manufacturers like to deep engrave industrial parts like levers or gears to make sure they remain easy to identify even after years of use.

To take on deep engraving, you need a high-speed laser with a lot of power and high-quality components because, essentially, you’re digging material out of that part or product material. Fiber lasers are the best suited for this purpose because they hit the material with maximum speed and power.

The ability to make a high-quality mark is a big concern for companies that do deep engraving. Ideally, you want to make a clean, smooth, aesthetically pleasing mark with sharp edges. This is hard for many types of lasers to achieve. You also want to avoid a burning or slag effect where you have melted divots from blasting the material with a laser, which produces a rough, burnt edge.

RMI Laser offers some superior solutions for deep laser engraving. Our UF50 and XRF60 models are perfect examples of high-powered fiber lasers with the force and precision you need to make a sleek, deep mark. Both solutions are industry leaders in price and performance.

RMI offers in-depth sales support for our entire product line, so you’re sure to get the right laser for your precise needs. Add to this our industry-leading software (for specialized applications) and our complete service offering, and you’re ready to lead your industry in deep engraving excellence!

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