Laser Marking Engraving Etching Equipment for All Industries

Our engineers produce industrial laser engravers and software tailored for a wide range of direct parts marking and laser etching applications. RMI Laser provides unmatched precision, efficiency, and reliability.


Experience seamless integration: our in-house engineers design solutions ensuring software, hardware, and fixtures are all perfectly tailored to your specific workflow.

Best Rated Lasers

Offering premium, top-tier laser marking machines equipped with the latest technology, we ensure long-term value at a reasonable price. Choose us for an unmatched blend of excellence and affordability

Quality Assurance

We take quality seriously. Manufactured in the USA under stringent ISO standards for over 25 years, we prioritize delivering unmatched quality.

Plastic Laser Engravings

No competitors can provide our level of precision of laser marking on any plastic materials. Our 25 year pioneered technology provides all plastic engraving needs.

Fiber Laser Marking Applications

Ranging from all sorts of materials, our powerful fiber lasers are able to perfectly mark any metal surfaces necessary

Custom Software for All Orders

We provide customized software that will assist you in your branding and laser operations. Think a program that's made just for your company!

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Lasers Manufactured

Industry recognized top-tier lasers at your service. Whether your needs are as straightforward as a stand-alone laser or an intricate custom-designed workstation for detailed graphics or basic serial numbers, our expertise and engineering proficiency ensure we meet your precise demands.


Laser marking on plastics is difficult to perfect, but our machines have the technical capabilities to provide the perfect marking results compared to the competition.

Plastic Precision

Many competitors lack the technology to mark plastics effectively, resulting in subpar outcomes. Our cutting-edge lasers, however, are engineered for excellence. Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, we ensure impeccable clarity and precision, setting a new industry standard in plastic marking. With us, you're not just getting a service; you're securing the future of laser marking


Make a lasting impression; our metal-marking lasers ensure your marked parts stand out with unmatched technology, customization, and perfection.

Markable Metals

Expertly marking a diverse range of metals, we handle everything from Aluminum, Brass, and Copper to Carbide, Chrome, Coated and Painted Metal. Our prowess extends to engraving Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber, Nickel, Semiconductors, the precious touch of Silver and Gold, as well as Stainless Steel and Titanium. With RMI Laser, you're assured of precision on every metallic canvas, making your vision resonate uniquely with each material."

Laser Engrave with Precision on Your Desired Material

Whether you're etching metals or marking intricate details onto plastics, RMI Laser is your solution. Dive into a realm of endless possibilities, from traceability and industrial parts marking to branding and personalization. With our industry-leading equipment, you can achieve precision engravings, ensuring consistent accuracy and top-tier quality.

The RMI Difference

Since our inception, we have been driven by one mission - to provide the best experience possible. We have worked with hundreds of clients across industries, delivering tailor-made lasers that won't make you regret working with us.


Industries We Serve

The applications for our laser marking machines are limitless. The vast range of industries that utilize laser engraving for parts traceability and designs grow every single year.

Laser marking plays a crucial role in ensuring traceability, safety, and compliance across a vast array of components and materials. From the intricate parts of aerospace equipment to the extensive components of vehicles and transportation machinery, every piece can be branded for authenticity, embedded with manufacturing details, and engraved with data to ensure longevity and operational efficiency.

Laser engraving ensures that a myriad of tools, devices, and products have sterilization traceability, unique identification codes, and clear permanent markings for user safety. Across medicines, medical devices, and personal care items, marking standardizes traceability, differentiates genuine products from counterfeits, and embeds necessary data for both safety and compliance.

Every component, from the smallest microchip to vast electronic systems, benefits from laser marking for traceability, branding, and safety. Ensuring each piece is uniquely identifiable and authentic, laser engraving plays a pivotal role in operational efficiency, product differentiation, and safety protocols across this industry’s vast spectrum.

The industrial, oil, and gas sectors rely heavily on laser marking for ensuring the unique identification, safety, and operational guidelines of a plethora of tools, materials, and equipment. From energy sources, cutting tools, building materials, to defense equipment, each component is marked for traceability, compliance, national security protocols, and quality assurance.

Spanning a diverse range of products from knives, tools, firearms, gifts, to outdoor lifestyle gear like hunting equipment. Laser engraving provides design, authenticity, personalization, and traceability to all your products. Every item, irrespective of its material or purpose, can be marked for brand integrity, quality assurance, consumer trust, and regulatory compliance, making them stand out in a vast marketplace.

Plastic Marking Expertise

We pioneered DPSS (diode pumped solid state) lasers that are ideal for delicate plastic markings where fiber lasers are too harsh. Compact YAG, Premium YVO4 and Green lasers available.

Superior Software

RMI’s software platform is powerful, flexible and so intuitive. Tap into our SDK (software development kit) for custom GUIs and easy website or workflow integration.

Tailor-made Laser Solutions

We offer in-house engineering support to create the perfect solution for any configuration or workflow environment including custom software, hardware and fixturing.

Made in USA Quality

RMI Lasers are rugged, reliable and designed for high-performance, not beauty contests. Manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2015 standards for over 25 years.

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